here you can know more about kindergarten

Team At Borewell Road

A kindergarten teacher wears many hats. As a child’s teacher through most of the school day, she sees them through many activities and moods. To keep things running smoothly, she must be able to act and react in a variety of roles as the need arises.

An organiser, an instructor, a cheerleader, a counselor disciplinarian, a nurse and liason with the parents, just to name a few.

At KiDeens we understand how important it is for you as a parent to have faith in your child’s teachers and be able to communicate easily with them. Apart from incorporating a system at the school that allows easy access to the teachers. Here are insights into our well qualified competent team of teachers

Head Mistress:  Ms Angeline John
Curriculum Developer:  Ms Seema Bagrodia
Grade Name Qualifications
PG A Ms Sheetal Shah,TTT
PG B Ms Azra Adeeb B.Sc
PG C Ms Nirma Anand BA -English
PG D Ms May Maleakal Masters in HR
PG E Ms Jagjeet Kaur BA, NTT, MTT
LKG A Ms. Swapna Turlapaty B. Com, MBA (HR and Marketing), Diploma in Early childhood care
LKG B Ms. Yashoo Soni Diploma in Software management, BA, NTT
LKG C Ms Babita Singhai MBA, MNTTA
LKG D Ms Asha Joyce B. Com, NTT
LKG E Ms Madhulika Parmar B.Sc, MBA
UKG A Ms. Angeline John BA- English, M.Ed, NTT
Ms Seema Bagrodia BA Economics Hons
UKG B Ms Varsha Agarwal B.Sc, MBA, B.Ed
UKG C Ms Pragti Chaddha M.Sc & MTT
UKG D Ms  Suchismita Panigrahi BA, psychology, NTT
UKG E Ms Nalini Bathina M.Sc, B.Ed
PT Anuradha Jayasanckar,PG Diploma in Sports Management.,B.P.Ed.
Kannada Ms Dhanuja.B M.Com, International teaching diploma
Dance Ms Samisksha MCom & MA (BHARATHANATYAM)
Story & Music Ms.Priya.C B.Com, DPPTT