here you can know more about kindergarten


What are celebrations, school days, sports days and science fairs without the encouragement and excitement of parents, grandparents ,cousins and aunts.

When we are building strong foundations for a harmonious relationship, we offer numerous opportunities for Deens Families to visit and also engage with the little ones contributing and supporting them in their continuing successes.

1. Cultural Events & Assemblies:

Every Year Independence day, Dussehra and Christmas Special assemblies are hosted by the Kindergarten. Children present an hour long show of music, dance and skits to depict the festival. Every child of the grade participates in these shows and Parents of the related grade are invited to watch their ward perform on stage.

Children also perform theme related programs in their weekly assemblies, an exercise to overcome stage fright and boost public speaking skills.

2.Colour Days

Every Month has a colour day on which the child wears a dress, accessory or carries something of that colour. It is an endeavor to go beyond the curriculum to expose the children to concepts, words and general knowledge on which they will not be accessed.

The Kideens campuses all radiate that colour. Animals, foods, things, games all aimed to find yet another approach to add to the expanding knowledge of the little one.

Colour days are as follows:

June: Red                           July: Blue                                 August: Yellow

September: Green            October: Orange                     November: Purple

December: White              January: Black is beautiful                   February: Pink

March: My favourite colour

3.School day

KiDeens Fantasia  an extravaganza of music, dance and drama engages every student of the campus.
Children practice for over a month to display confidence on the stage in presentation and skill which they have gained over the year.

Sports Days and School days are conducted on alternate years and are held separately for each of the campuses.


Teachers of KiDeens carefully preserve every craft activity the children create, train them to perform experiments, present skits of watercycle, solarsystem and sometimes safety on Resonart. The show held in January/ February every alternate year showcases ( REASON- ART) the bright ideas that resonate in our classrooms every year.

5.KiDeens Lollapalooza

KiDeens Lollapalooza, the children’s carnival is a celebration of vibrance, joy and colour, that is our little moppets! KiDeens invites kindergarteners from different schools to showcase their talents and build on excellence through competition with the best. Be music, dance, storytelling, culinary skills, oration, innovation, or an exquisite combination of these, KiDeens Lollapalooza has it all.