Attendance & Leave

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  • 90% attendance is mandatory for all students. In case of extraordinary circumstances, prior permission for leave must be taken from the Principal with a written explanation.
  • Once students enter the school, permission to take them home during class hours will not be granted.
  • Half days are not permitted without the consent of the Principal.

  • Parents should not send their child to school when he or she is suffering from any communicable infection. A medical certificate should be sent by mail to the Principal in such cases.

  • Punctuality and regular attendance are a must. Attendance on the opening day and closing day of every session is mandatory. A fine of Rs. 500/- will be levied per day of absence for any violation of the aforementioned rule. There are no exemptions to this policy. The child will not be permitted to attend school unless this fine has been remitted.

  • In case of absence, the reason for absence must be entered and signed by the parent in the Absence record of The Deens Day Book, without which the child will not be admitted into class.

  • If a child requires leave for more than 3 consecutive days, permission from the Principal must be sought in advance.

  • The school will not cover academic backlog caused by absenteeism.

  • In case of insufficient attendance, the report card will be withheld and in severe conditions promotion to the next class will not be permitted.