Safety &Security On Campus

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Safety & Security On Campus

School safety is the responsibility of everyone – staff, students and parents. The School has procedures in place to ensure that the physical environment of the school is safe.

There is only a single access point of entrance for visitors, which is monitored.

Visitors’ policy requires every visitor to sign in or show proper identification or wear ID tags.

The campus is under close circuit camera surveillance.

Parents are requested to carry their ID cards, issued by the School, whenever they visit the school. Kindly ensure that this ID card is updated every academic session. This card has to be surrendered when the child is withdrawn from school.

Parents and visitors may not enter academic buildings, unless they have been authorised to do so by the Principal. Staff/ Security have to right to question their presence in any part of the campus.

Parents/visitors are not permitted to take photographs or use their mobile phones on the campus, unless they have permission from the principal to do so.

Students are requested to adhere to the following guidelines to help prevent injuries:

  • If you must walk through parked traffic, stop and look carefully before stepping out from between vehicles.
  • Keep in mind the danger areas around school buses where the driver can’t see you.
  • Don’t run between parked cars and buses.
  • Older children should always be aware of younger children and assist them when required.
  • No bicycles, tricycles or skates are allowed in the corridor.
  • Use play equipment like swings and slides appropriately, awaiting your turn.
  • Refrain from running down staircases or through corridors and also from sliding down banisters.
  • Refrain from seating yourself on ledges or parapets.
  • Do not step out of the campus without permission and do not speak to or accept anything from strangers.
  • Contact the nurse in case of an injury.
  • Contact the class teacher for any assistance.

CCTV Cameras: that cover the entire School, except individual bathrooms and class rooms. Labs, common areas are covered. This is monitored closely by security personnel and senior management.

Police verification. All blue collared staff that include Drivers, Cleaners, Matrons and other maintenance staff are hired with Police verification only.

Training and Sensitizing of Teachers to the needs of children, can they identify signs of children in distress, protect them as per law and child rights guidelines.

Sensitizing Admin , Transport and Support staff on child safety

Counselling and workshops for students – Their own safety guidelines have been clearly articulated to the children and how they are expected to react in the event of inappropriate touch or gesture

Strictly dedicated areas for all blue collared staff, for drinking water, eating food, relieving themselves

School gates are manned at all times

All buses are owned and operated by Deens Academy. All drivers and cleaners are employed by the School after scrutiny of their credentials and references.

Staff (Teachers included) are assigned duties at areas of the school during school start time, school intervals and during school dispersal.


In a situation when you need to pick your ward for an emergency at home, the parent is requested to call the school reception or visit the school and request a call from the head of the school who is authorised to address your concern. Kindly mail the Principal to appraise her of the situation.


Students are safe in the school. Parents are requested to await communication from the School before clogging phone lines or reaching the school. The School will enlist assistance of parents if there is a need for the same during these situations. Parent volunteers are requested to be on call in these situations and reach the school at their earliest.

The  Principal and Headmistress are authorised , in an emergency, to take decisions for quick action.

A vehicle is always available at the premises for use during emergencies.


If the school needs to be closed for an emergency, parents will be informed through mail/message/ whatsapp.

You are requested to support the school by networking during such times with parents of others students. A notice will also be uploaded on the ERP circular board and will run on the home page of the School’s website.