Canteen Facility

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Canteen Facility

The School shows concern for children’s’ nutrition. Students are encouraged to bring wholesome and nutritious food from home. Chips, pizzas, burgers or any other junk food items are not encouraged on the campus. Breakfast/lunch at school will be supervised by teachers to encourage good table etiquette.

The School has a hygienic canteen facility. The menu is mailed to parents every month.  All queries regarding the pantry are to be made to

Mr Salim Akbar

Phone no: 9342978530 ( can also be used for UPI payments)

Procedure to avail Pantry services

Children are provided breakfast, lunch or both according to what has been signed up for with the caterer.

Parents whose child is not on the pantry list but want him/her to avail the pantry facility for a particular day should intimate the caterer directly by phone or email the requirement details on the previous day itself. Parents need to intimate to the class teacher through a note.