Theme based learning

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Theme based Learning

Integrated themes and projects which are the core content of the KiDeens curricullum enables the children to make meaningful connections among the different concepts and develop holistic understanding of the world around.

Little Kindergarteners need to have something to wonder about, to explore, investigate, and discover, they need to learn ways to share their knowledge, to reflect on what they’ve learned and opportunities to investigate further.

Presenting a brief insight into some of the themes our KiDeenites follow shows you how each theme flows into another and connects assist in comprehending the big picture.

    1. Me and my world: Our opening theme helps children introduce themselves to their peers and teachers. Their names, their family, their feelings, health and hygiene, naming parts of their bodies, sense organs, their school, neighbourhood, community helpers,  festivals they like etc..
    2. Out in the garden: It provides an insight into the world around. Plants, trees and flowers, bugs, exploring the delicate balance of the ecology in which we exist.

3. The weather and seasons: Closely linked to the earlier theme, this also explores, clothes, food etc.

4. Sun, moon, stars and our solar system: An exciting journey into the heavens above which our young astronauts are all together eager to embark on.

5. The world travelers: Greetings, Manners, food to our own address and where we stand in between all this.

6. Marvellous Machines: Simple experiments and creations which help them explore and build. An insight into physics and materials.

7. Safety: Last but not the least the need of the hour that includes etiquette at school and on the bus, road signs, hygiene and personal space.

These are tied up in different orders in the various grades of Kindergarten with age appropriate progression.