Crèche- Deenest

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Choosing a daycare is an important parenting decision in the daily care of your toddler or infant. Since day care is the place where your child will spend a significant portion of their day during the week, you feel comfortable when your infant or toddler is in good hands and they are being well taken care of.

Deenest at The Deens Academy caters to the needs of children in the age group of 6 months and above throughout the year between 1 and 6.30pm on all weekdays.

For more information on Deenest please contact us at:

T: +91-80-28454691+91-80-28454691 | +91-80-28454693+91-80-28454693 | +91-80-28457764+91-80-28457764

M: +91-93437-87477+91-93437-87477