(Head Mistress)
KiDeens Academy, Borewell Road.

Head mistress: “The essence of teaching is to make learning fun and contagious”, believes Angeline John, Head Mistress, KiDeens-Borewell Road.Having completed the Nursery Teacher Training course, Angeline worked in an ICSE school of repute, before she joined The Deens Academy in 2006. The stint as a teacher and Academic Head in the Kindergarten has been a journey of discovery and joy for Angeline.

She brings with her a passionate vision “To create a nurturing positive environment, shaping talents and encouraging creativity in every child”. Angeline has completed the Teacher Training program conducted by The Teachers Training Foundation (Bangalore).

She has been trained in:

  •  Nurturing creativity in the very young learners
  •  Understanding and handling emotionally disturbed children
  •  Teaching Math and Science in the preschool classroom
  •  Teaching Phonics in Kindergarten 
  •  Storytelling and puppet making

As the Head Mistress, her domains of influence at KiDeens are:

  • Curriculum planning
  • Generating child centric lesson plans
  • Reaching out to kids with learning disabilities
  • Creating and delivering specific training modules with respect to the following domains
  1. Creativity in the class room and innovative teaching method
  2.  Jolly phonics
  3.  Circle time
  4.  Role Play and dramatization
  5. Classroom management
  6.  Learning centers


  • Awarded ‘The Most Creative Teacher’ ( Junior section)
  • Recognized as the ‘Most Cooperative Teacher’
  • For innovative teaching skills, she has earned citations for generating child centric lesson plans, role-plays and for optimal use of Circle Time
  • She was awarded ‘The dedicated and steadfast  Deen” in the year 2014-15

In the Bangalore school she presented a paper on ‘Creative Teaching techniques’ and bagged the second prize for outstanding paper presentation.

Email: br.hm@deensacademy.com
Phone: (+91) 948 057 8001/(+91) 948 057 8002