(KiDeens Curricullum Developer)


The architect of our Kindergarten curriculum, Ms Seema Bagrodia firmly believes

Each child reaches the milestones at different times.” 

She has a 12 year-long experience of working in a Kindergarten environment which gave her the novelty to view the world of tiny tots from their angle.

Her curriculum design is based on Experiential “learning by doing” methodologies which challenge bright students to achieve more, build on their curiosity and arouse more learning; while the struggling learner finds new ways to master complex concepts, as it is broken into digestible bits on the journey to completing the task. The curriculum is engaging and fun oriented  by integrating the following elements in all domains of learning:

  • Stories
  • Songs
  • Puppets
  • Role Play
  • Art and Craft

She is instrumental in creation and updating of our in-house workbooks and an indigenous Hindi Jolly phonics program.

A State rank holder in her board exams- both Grade 10 and 12. Ms Seema is an Economics Graduate. She is trained in Jolly Phonics and keeps herself updated in various pedagogies through workshops. She is also a gifted storyteller and has polished her skills in story telling through courses with premier institutes like Kathalaya, Classroom by Hippocampus and Indo-Swedish Storytelling and Puppetry.

After winning accolades as a students, she was recognized as a Pioneer in Deens Academy and also won the prestigious The Teacher Awards For Innovative Teaching (TAFIT) in 2015 by Teachers training foundation at Bangalore.

Seema has always strives to create inclusive programs at every level in the foundation year and often quotes at her training sessions that ,

We worry about what a child will become tomorrow yet we forget that he or she is someone today.”